Drupal IMCE SWF Upload Patch

Submitted by james on

I had the chance to play around with the Drupal IMCE module in the last couple of weeks, and was impressed. It's a slick module that lets your users manage their own folder, upload files, etc. The user interface is pretty cool, and it's all handled through AJAX so you never navigate away from the page. You can set allowed file types, user memory quotas, etc.

By default you can only upload one file at a time. I needed to upload files in bulk, so I installed the IMCE SWFUpload module.

Ubercart UPS Shipping Quotes - Ubercart Tutorial Part 3

Submitted by james on

Learn how to setup ups shipping quotes with Ubercart. Your online store will charge customers for shipping using Ubercart's UPS module. In this video I show you how to create a UPS login, add a UPS account to your login, and then configure UPS shipping quotes from within your Ubercart store.

Skip about half way through the video if you don't need help creating a UPS login, and adding your account to it.

Ubercart Paypal Tutorial - Ubercart Tutorial Part 2

Submitted by james on

Hooking Paypal up to Ubercart isn't too bad, it's just a matter of knowing what to configure. In this Ubercart PayPal tutorial you'll learn how to create a PayPal business account and set your Ubercart store up to receive payments through PayPal.

I keep things basic and show how to use PayPal Website Payments Standard with Ubercart, as it's the easiest to set up. The standard option redirects to PayPal after checkout, so all credit card processing is done off your site.

Ubercart Tutorial Part 1 - Install Ubercart

Submitted by james on

Ubercart is an awesome Drupal shopping cart, and the best part is it's free! In part 1 of this Ubercart tutorial you'll learn how to install and configure a basic Ubercart store, including a catalog and a couple of products. I'll also show you how to include Ubercart image support for products and catalogs.

In future parts of the tutorial we'll setup payment through Paypal, and configure shipping quotes. Here's part 2 and 3: